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How it works


Save an average of 70% on your highest cost drugs through Rescription's proprietary hospital system partnerships.  No gimmicks or games, just lower costs for the same drugs. Learn more.

Saver Program

Guaranteed published pricing on generic and brand medications. No secret negotiations or hidden lists. See it for yourself here

NADAC Pricing

Unlike every PBM out there, Rescription's revenue is not dependent on your drug spend and claims volume.  This means we're on your side, focused on driving down your costs and driving up member satisfaction.

All on the same side

The word "transparent" has been ruined by PBMs who claim to be it, but still maintain multiple price lists, sell your data for profit, and drive you to their own high-margin pharmacies. Rescription is different. We have nothing to hide.

Nothing to hide

Rescription Overview

Average Total Net
Plan Savings


Saver Program Overview

5% of prescription drug claims make up 70% of a typical plan's cost. The Rescription Saver Program delivers savings unattainable by PBMs.

70% average savings on high-cost drugs

Through our health system partnerships, Rescription unlocks massive savings on the most expensive drugs. With $0 copays on these drugs, members no longer need to worry if they can afford important medication. 

$0 copay for members with no hassle

The Rescription Care Guides are a specially trained team of experts focused just on the Saver Program, available to help your members every step of the way.

Personalized support from our Care Guides


of eligible Saver Program participants have enrolled & gained access to a $0 copay.

With the Rescription Saver Program, plan sponsors have a ready-made solution to keep down high-cost drug expenses. 


For example, Rescription clients have seen a savings of >60% on their GLP-1 drug spend, while covering these drugs at a $0 copay for plan members.

70% average savings on high-cost drugs

We prioritize maintaining a high-quality member experience without compromising on plan savings.

Your plan can save 20-40% without the kind of "customizations" that PBMs use to restrict your members through deleting, delaying, and denying drugs.

Savings + Member Experience

What our members are saying

I am very satisfied with the service I have received from the staff at Rescription. When I call with questions about my medication I always get the help I need.


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