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The anti-PBM™

The only solution that doesn't make more when you spend more.

PBMs boast of "price transparency." What they mean is visibility to prices post point-of-sale, 30 to 90 days delayed, across multiple price lists.


Rescription guarantees published prices. This means visibility to prices pre point-of-sale, and only one price list.


What is an anti-PBM?

We took what's wrong with every PBM & made it right.

How Rescription works

We don't believe in relationships that aren't built on trust. PBM relationships require you to constantly look over their shoulders, from 500+ question RFPs to regular audits just to ensure they're doing their job properly. Rescription is different. We're on the same side as you, your consultants, and your brokers. We work in collaboration to ensure that you're getting the best prices on the right drugs for your members.

Trust & Collaboration

Rescription makes it easy to save on your medications. Whether at home or on the go, access Rescription & save with our Drug Lookup Tool, or learn more about how you can save with Rescription.


Rexi is a patent-pending claims adjudication engine. Leveraging exclusive hospital system pricing and guaranteed published NADAC pricing, Rexi automatically finds and applies the lowest available price on every claim at over 60,000 pharmacies nationwide. 


Rescription delivers 20-40% prescription plan savings without restricting your members.

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We are a team of changemakers.

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