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What is Rescription?

A next-generation PBM to replace your current PBM

Rescription is an innovative player in the pharmacy benefit management industry, leveraging cutting-edge technology and data analysis to streamline the delivery and cost of prescription medications. We specialize in high-cost drug management, offering robust partnerships to self-insured employers and health systems that result in substantial cost savings.


Our business model, characterized by clarity & affordability, is designed to ensure medication access and high-quality patient care, thereby redefining the standards in healthcare.

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Rescription Savings

With Rescription, employers can see 70% savings for high-cost & specialty drugs

At Rescription, we revolutionize pharmacy benefit management through innovation and efficiency. Our data-driven model and advanced technology streamline both high-cost drug management and routine prescriptions.


Our commitment to clear, lowest-cost pricing has proven to deliver 20%-40% in total net savings compared to traditional PBMs. There are no accounting gimmicks, unrealistic assumptions, or uncertain future ROI, just simple savings from Day One. Choose Rescription for substantial savings, quality healthcare, and improved well-being for your team.

The Saver Program

Over 96% of eligible members join & save with the Saver Program

The Rescription Saver Program offers an innovative pathway for self-insured employers to significantly reduce prescription drug costs. Using our unique, patent-pending technology and partnerships with hospital systems, we identify eligible savings on high-cost drugs at the point-of-sale.


Though our member-centric approach, the Rescription Saver Program is not only designed to facilitate a more cost-effective health plan for employers, but also to enhance the prescription drug experience for members by providing personal assistance and fostering better access to care.

GLP-1 Drugs

With Rescription, employers have already saved over 60% on GLP-1s in 2023.

GLP-1 drugs for diabetes and weight loss, such as Ozempic, Mounjaro, and Wegovy, have exploded in use, with Rescription clients seeing increased utilization of over 400% from 2022 - 2023. At costs over $10,000 per patient per year, these drugs are battering self-insured employer budgets, with most implementing costly prior authorizations or not covering them at all.

With the Rescription Saver Program, employers have a ready-made solution to keep down GLP-1 drug costs.  In the first half of 2023, Rescription clients saw a savings of over 60% on their GLP-1 drug spend, while covering these drugs at a $0 copay for plan members.

Data Source: Fierce Healthcare

Rescription vs. other PBMs

Actual Prices

Zero Markup

No Spread Pricing

Consumer Choice


"Rescription is a reinvention of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager model, Rescription’s value to our organization has been nothing short of game changing. In addition to significantly impacting our company through substantial cost savings and a remarkably smooth transition for our members, Rescription’s innovative approach has reduced our healthcare expenditure, allowing us to redirect resources to better address our organization's needs and mission. The Rescription model is a disruptive agent of positive change."

Geoffrey T. Gibson, Esq.

SVP of Business Affairs

Chief Legal & Human Resources Officer

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