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Prescription health equity for all.

Gain access to consistent revenue streams from self-funded employers in your region.

Grow with Rescription

Patient Acquisition

Gain access to new patients from employers within your state, using the Rescription Saver Program.

New Revenue Streams

Regularly occurring monthly payments from Rescription, that grows as Rescription grows.

Community Support

Rescription provides opportunity to further provide for families in your area.

Meet Rexi™

Patent-pending adjudication software, providing savings to employers & their members

Join Rescription in our mission to reshape the Pharmacy Benefit Management landscape. Our revolutionary model allows your health system to provide exceptional care and cost-efficient medications to your employees and new patients from the larger community.


By becoming a Rescription partner, you will reinforce your commitment to health equity while also achieving significant savings on your organization's health benefits plan. We’re ready to collaborate with you to elevate patient outcomes and contribute to the sustainability of your health system.

Partnership Benefits

Expand your health system's stature with regional employers

Savings for your employees

Consistent monthly revenue

New specialist visit fees, paid by the employer

No members blocked from procurement at your pharmacy

Increased in-house pharmacy dispensing fee volume

New patient acquisition channel

"Rescription was the only PBM to recognize that costs of medications are not fixed, and their innovative approach unlocked significant savings. Both the Medical Center and our employees benefited from lower pricing for prescription drugs. The Saver Program and Rescription’s ability to move the needle on prescription drug costs on such a small number of claims, allows us to continue to offer our employees access to the medications they need at affordable prices. This is what separates Rescription from their competitors. As the largest hospital in New Jersey, and as a pharmacy leader that participates in 340B drug discounted purchasing, it was game changing to partner with Rescription."

Greg Eilinger

Director of Pharmacy

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