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The anti-PBM™

Unlike your PBM, we don't make more when you spend more.

We took what's wrong with every PBM and made it right.

With Rescription, you've found a partner who is 100% aligned with your needs.  We solved the problem of lowering prescription drug prices without cutting benefits or imposing restrictions.

Rescription brings together our hospital system partnerships, advanced patent-pending technology, and a drug pricing system that automatically finds the lowest available price for every drug at every pharmacy to save 20-40% total costs versus your current Pharmacy Benefits Manager.

We stand behind our principle that we don't make money when our clients spend more. We collaborate with you, your brokers, consultants, and members to get the best price on all the drugs that your members need.

How Rescription works

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meet Rexi, the Rescription mascot

What's an anti-PBM?

Learn more about what makes Rescription different from your PBM.

a graphic showing PBMs delivering low savings and high member restrictions

While PBMs are focused on more utilization management, prior authorizations, and other tactics to delay and deny your members' access to drugs, Rescription provides savings directly from exclusive lower prices at our health system partners.

We believe in savings from lower prices, not more member restrictions.

Ready to start saving?

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