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Our Philosophy

At Rescription, we're not just changing the game of pharmacy benefits- we're rewriting the rules. Say goodbye to the pitfalls your current PBM.  With us, you'll never pay more for spending more. Our unique model, leveraging partnerships with hospital systems and cutting-edge technology, leverages the lowest prices on prescriptions, saving you 20-40% compared to PBMs. We're committed to honesty, simplicity, and efficiency, ensuring you get the best value without the unnecessary complexities. Choose Rescription, where innovation meets affordability.  Choose the anti-PBM.

Scott Martin is an accomplished entrepreneur in the healthcare industry, currently building his fourth company, Rescription.  In 2021, Scott successfully sold Remedy Analytics, Inc., a pharmaceutical analytics company he founded in Milwaukee, WI.  Remedy counts many of the country’s largest brand name employers as clients comprising over two million members.  Prior to that, Scott was the Founder of Martin Benefits Consulting and Martin Human Resources, one of New York City’s largest independent benefits consultants and HR outsourcing firms.  Scott also played an integral role in building Oxford Health Plans from a small start-up into a dominant national player in managed care.

Scott Martin

Founder & CEO

Steve Mirante has over 35 years of experience as a large corporate plan sponsor and compensation & benefits consultant and brings an experienced “customer” perspective to Rescription’s team. He has designed large fiscally responsible programs with an “eye” on high level service delivery for members. Steve has held a number of senior corporate positions in his career most recently as the Chief Administrative Officer at CBS Corporation where his responsibilities included all compensation and benefits programs for the Company. Earlier, Steve ran large-scale consulting P&Ls at Watson Wyatt Worldwide and PricewaterhouseCoopers and started an advisory services practice group at Cigna.

Steve Mirante


Michele Goldstein is a results-oriented executive with broad experience in strategic and financial planning, and operations in global businesses. Michele has a track record of collaborating with cross-functional executive management to grow businesses with multi-faceted revenue streams. She is a “hands-on leader” who has proven she can lead the financial and long-term business strategies of a growing company. Most recently Michele was SVP, Strategic Planning and Operations at AMC Networks where she was responsible for all economic aspects of the company’s distribution strategy. Prior to AMC, Michele held several senior financial positions at Viacom/CBS.

Michele Goldstein


Jon Zerden has over 25 years of experience in the Healthcare, HIPAA compliant space having built and operated scalable systems managing over 150,000,000 transactions per day including Athena Health, Salesforce, Zoom, and AllScripts. Jon is fluent in implementation of multiple AI solutions including IBM Watson, supervised and unsupervised learning algorithms to identify and predict unexpected patterns related to health and wellness. He has managed web properties scaled to six billion page views annually, as well as medical Internet and Intranet applications for companies such as Google, Intel, IBM.

Jon Zerden


Richard Vaughn is a skilled and innovative Product Strategist with 15+ years of unique experience and demonstrated success in the high-tech, healthcare, and fitness industries. He has extensive expertise in product and project management, relationship management, product development and strategy, and operational leadership. His strong record of customer-focused, data-driven decision making delivers an exceptional customer experience. Most recently Richard served as Vice President, Product Delivery at EXOS.

Richard Vaughn


Mike Dunleavy, Sr. has a proven track record in developing and growing new businesses and brings a wealth of experience as an investor, advisor, and marketer. Scott Martin and Mike have joined forces now for a second time with the launch of Rescription, after the successful sale of their last company, Remedy Analytics. As a legendary NBA player and coach, Mike knows what it takes to be a winner. In prior roles, after a successful NBA playing career, Mike was the head coach of the Los Angeles Lakers, Milwaukee Bucks, Portland Trail Blazers (where he was the NBA's 1999 Coach of the Year), and the Los Angeles Clippers.

Mike Dunleavy Sr.


Senator Judson Hill dedicated 14 years to the Georgia Senate, leaving his mark on healthcare, tax, and telecommunications policies. For decades, he has operated a public affairs firm at both national and state levels, focusing on healthcare and telecommunications policy. His prior roles include service in the U.S. States Department, membership on President Reagan's Advance team, and a directorship on the 50th Presidential Inaugural Committee. As an entrepreneur, Hill spearheaded successful telecom ventures and a national public affairs firm. He has organized large-scale corporate events, serves as a Major in Georgia's state guard, and boasts degrees from Mercer and Emory Universities. His accomplishments also extend to co-authoring "Enhancing Your Business Value, The Climb to the Top."

Senator Judson Hill


"As the Chairman of a national legislative Health and Human Services Task Force for over 4 years, my goal was to enhance the well-being of all Americans by finding and offering effective and impactful healthcare solutions. Prescription drug prices are often patients’ greatest personal healthcare expense. Rescription has emerged as an exemplary solution that aligns perfectly with my vision. Rescription's innovative approach to purchasing and providing prescription drugs not only fosters price transparency and simplicity, but it also gives patients and providers critical information and drug pricing to help them make informed decisions that will positively impact their lives. I commend Rescription for their team's dedication to improving the pharmacy benefit industry for every American.”


Senator Judson Hill
Senator Judson Hill
Coach Mike Dunleavy, Sr.

"Having dedicated years to both the basketball court and the healthcare industry, I've seen the power of transparency and simplicity in action. Rescription epitomizes these principles, offering a game-changing approach that truly empowers the people. With its commitment to providing the lowest price for every drug, absolutely no mark-ups, and a completely transparent, no-spread pricing model, Rescription is a true champion in the healthcare arena. Just as I've strived to empower my players on the court, Rescription gives the power back to the people, making prescription drug choices straightforward, fair, and affordable for all."

Former NBA Player & Coach

Mike Dunleavy Sr.

A Dose of Clarity

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