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price comparisons on myRescription app

Savings on-the-go

Rescription makes it easy to save on your medications. Whether at home or on the go, access Rescription and save with our Drug Lookup Tool, learn more about how you can save with the Rescription Saver Program, and get notified when there are better prices available on your maintenance medications.

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When it comes to your health, Rescription is with you every step of the way.

map view of prescription prices

Access accurate and up-to-date details about medication information.

Drug Lookup Tool

Visibility to the lowest prices at your preferred pharmacies and other pharmacies in your area.

Real-time Drug Prices

Instant access to your active & historical prescriptions, including detailed information about the drug.


If another pharmacy nearby has the same drug at a lower price, we'll let you know so you can save next time.

Better Price Notification

myRescription Features

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