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Our success


Average Total Net
Plan Savings


of eligible participants have enrolled & gained access to a $0 copay.


a graphic showing Rescription high savings with low member restriction

We prioritize maintaining a high-quality member experience without compromising on plan savings.

Your plan can save 20-40% without the kind of "customizations" that PBMs use to restrict your members through deleting, delaying, and denying drugs.

Savings + Member Experience

What our members are saying

I am very satisfied with the service I have received from the staff at Rescription. When I call with questions about my medication I always get the help I need.


Never once did I call & not get an actual person on the phone who is eager to help out.


The Care Guide is courteous, professional, but most importantly friendly… making our calls to Rescription pleasant & informative.

Member's Family

Rescription is a reinvention of the Pharmacy Benefit Manager model, Rescription’s value to our organization has been nothing short of game changing. In addition to significantly impacting our company through substantial cost savings and a remarkably smooth transition for our members, Rescription’s innovative approach has reduced our healthcare expenditure, allowing us to redirect resources to better address our organization's needs and mission. The Rescription model is a disruptive agent of positive change.

Geoffrey T. Gibson, Esq.

SVP of Business Affairs

Chief Legal & Human Resources Officer

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